Sewing Class & Sewing Activities
  What We Do  

At Popular Fabric we have sewing classes and activities:

- using computerised sewing machines
- using new sewing notions
- with modern sewing techniques

to suit our fast lifestyles

  How Popular Fabric started  

Lucy discovered the beauty and passion of sewing and incorporated Popular Fabric in the year 2012. She started importing fabric directly from US due to the lack of choices of designer cotton prints and designs in Malaysia.

Many other fabric lovers came upon Popular Fabric due to this wonderful selection of beautiful prints and designs, eventually evolvoing Popular Fabric to what it is today

This includes classes and sharing of how to do modern sewing.

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  Popular Fabric  

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Core Business . Sewing Classes and Activities

Customers . Free lancer sewing / tailor, hobby or home consumer

  Hobby N Coffee  

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Core Business . Classes, workshops & events for: coffee & sewing related.

Customers . HORECA ( Cafe , Restaurants, Hotels ), hobby or home consumer.

  Our Philosophy  

Taking inspiration from Walt Disney, the founder of the company follows the philosophy that the world is full of stressful people, in a stressful life, job and family environment. Because of this reason alone, the founder aims to increase happiness of the public and community by creating products, services or companies that foster and promote good mental health, relaxation, and increase happiness to everyone.

This is the key reason for our first business online games, as well as hobby activities such as coffee activities and sewing activities as a way for people to play and relax; and to potentially make new friends.

The goal for PopularFabric is to go a step further and to support all the sewing lovers out there by giving them the opportunity to learn to sew, mingle and get to know other sewing lovers, and a relaxing place to sew.

Developed by Friends: Malaysia Barista Coffee Machines for Cafe . Popular Fabric . Cof Pot Trading Malaysia . HobbyNCoffee Barista Classes